Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Labor Day!  Here at Heritage Orchards we spent the day picking fresh peaches and apples.  We are currently picking Loring Peaches! YUM!
Loring -
A freestone peach; meaning the flesh comes off the pit easily. A large easy to pick peach, with a sweet flavor. This peach is great for eating, freezing, and canning.
Crest Haven-
Golden yellow with a bright red blush. Freestone flesh is firm and juicy, bright yellow with red around the pit. Resists browning. Good for canning or freezing
Ginger Gold-
This sweet-spicy apple has a succulent texture and rich taste with a mildly tart flavor. A cross between the Golden Delicious and Albermarle Pippin, this early-season variety is best served fresh.


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All the three peaches were delicious to taste. But among them Loring has more demand compared to others. We have been importing only this fruits from long back.

05/29/2016 1:20am

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